Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Evening at Taman D.R.

Yesterday, myself with Bib, Azwan & 2 new Alpha Users (forgot their name, sorry) goes to Taman D.R. for a photoshoot and photography lessons. The funny is auntie Bib forgot to bring her handbags together with her IC and money. Haishh... 3 times forgot already! Don't forget to bring it for next outdoor shooting! HAHAHA!

Hmm... Don't know what to tell about Taman D.R. It's just a simple park, maybe. But, it's the best place for wedding photoshooting where you can play with a lot role of light and depth of field (especially at the bridge). Moreover, the Japanese Garden makes the park more interesting for visitors and photographers!

I think that's all for today... Long enough to tell you about Taman D.R. Hahaha! Here's some photos taken yesterday:

Stay tuned for more updates!

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