Monday, May 3, 2010

In Planning: Trip to Teluk Batik on Mid-Year Holidays

Before I updates about the planning for SYS Photography Club, I want to tell my friends planning for this mid-year holidays. Hmm. They planned to have a trip at Teluk Batik for 2D1N at the seaside, sleeping in the camp (maybe). Our main point is to release tension after the examination and have some photoshoot. My friends planned to going there with me, himself (Dzul), Shazwanul, and Iskandar. Hope just us going there. I hate crowd! Sure my photowork will 'tersadai' if there is too many people..

Thanks to Mr.Google for the picture.

Hehe. What is the very interesting things that have in Teluk Batik? For photography works, there's a lot of things! Silhouette, portraits (my favorites!), Landscape and more...! Last things is, to all my friends that joining. Bring your own money! No 'support-support lah'!

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