Friday, November 19, 2010

First Time Using Adobe Lightroom

Salam... Late posting today due to slow internet connection (Streamyx got problem with the speed... 1mbps turns to 512kbps). Arghh... What a tension day...

..nevermind. I'm doing an experiment today... This is my first time using Adobe Lightroom to edit pictures. Sure many people will ask, are Mirul is making a jokes??? Hahaha. I'm not joking! This is serious... Huhu.

Some experiment just had been done today:
This presets is named as "Colors of Portraits" because it gives a mood boost for every portrait!

Nah... I'm only using Lightroom 2.5. Maybe later will be upgrade to Lightroom 3.

Interested with those presets? Coming soon. Just wait and see. A lots of presets with affordable price.

That's all for today. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy!


apik pehe said... adobe ni terlalu byk untuk edit gambar..xtau nk guna mana satu..hehe

LadyBird said...

mane mudah antara lightroom ngn photoshop ek?

ahmad endo said...

best tu...hehehe

Fontonk said...

download lepas ke?
ke kena install ori?
sila replay di page aku. curious

Mirul said...

apik pehe: huhu
LadyBird: Lightroom lagi senang nk guna....
ahmad endo: hehehee
Fontonk: mirul dh reply kat shoutbox funtonk. tq