Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Camera, My Life....

Hi, I'm Amirul. Most people call me Amirul Alpha since I'm using that name in Facebook. Photography is my hobby since I'm held my first camera which is a compact camera maybe some people will said.. Digital Lomo? Nevermind.

Since I was involved in photography... a lots of cameras I'm using... from compacts to semi-SLR... to DSLR... and what's next? professional-DSLR? Maybe it is still a long journey for me...

But, camera is not the important things that makes a photos taken by a photographer look good. The important things is... YOURSELF.. which are..

The way you THINK in a PHOTO,
COMPOSITION in a photo, your SOUL when using a CAMERA
and the way you MANAGE your own DSLR.

By the way... I'm currently owned two DSLR body and two lenses (kitlens and 50mm 1.8), both only the entry level one... a200 and a230.. which I'm still prefer the old a200 for Beginner, Mid-range and Pro shooter?? Why? The a200 is much better in their design and IQ compared to the new a230 which is small and some features were being removed (ex. Remote Shutter Port, AEL Buttons and Manual WB Control). Furthermore, a200 designed to gave the user more comfortable and feel when using the DSLR. Er, that's all?

What the most things that I like with the a200 is..... the vertical grip. It makes the camera looks smarter compared to the a230 which has no vertical grip (3rd party one have, but only sell in Europe).

Talking about my future, what is my ambition? Maybe a lots of people will said I will be a professional photographers or anything else as a media or whatsoever. Actually, photography is only part of my hobby and maybe to keep it as my part-time jobs for my future. It's hard to be a professional photographers and bright future? Nah... maybe dark future for me if I choose it as my profession. I'm much more interest in multimedia design and graphics.. Bright future? Maybe yes for me.

A relationship? Girlfriend? Nah. Secret. No need to tell or "kecoh-kecoh" to anybody here. But I'm always thinking my future... What will it be.... Can I be as good as what people be nowadays? Ah.. sad statements.

Overall, without camera my life is like nothings. All the things happened are moments for me and I love to keep the memorable photo which makes me remind what happened during my childhood and teenagers age in the future... I think this is the most longest entry ever that I've type since I'm blogging.

That's all I think. Enjoy reading. I'm actually didn't know what is the motive I'm typing this essay. Haha. Stay tuned for more updates.

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zai said...

acececeee~ jngan kecoh2 laa... xD