Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Journalism Photos by me.. mirulalpha

Salam. Street photo shooting... I was kind of interesting things for me. Since I was involved in this photography world, I'm trying to discover what is street photo is.. Because many photographers tell about and it was like some hot stuffs for teenage and "otai" or legendary photographer.

What is street photo?
Street photo is a photos that been taken candid or else on the street. Er? My explanation is quite bad. Never mind. Maybe you all could ask the Chot Touch to find the real meanings of it and get some better explanations.

What is journalism?
About the journalism... Yes, I can explain it. Journalism is an activity where you study (investigate) in curtain places and make a report to an audience. For example, you are the photojournalism that have been on duty to make a photojournalism at Thailand. Some of the example report or their study are... the culture, the arts and maybe daily life on the places.

Ok. I'm done with it. Here's some of the photos that I've taken since I'm using a200. I'm still newbie in the type of photography. So, maybe some of the photo didn't have any explanation or story?

That's all for this post.. I'm tired today. Too many things to be done... That's all guys. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy.!

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Ein Auzai'y said...

picture is very it...especially the building....nice...