Friday, March 25, 2011

BG-PiXeL Outing II - Loken

Salam. Last Sunday, my group BG-PiXeL went for second outing at Memory Lane or also known as Loken. It is where the place that people selling an antique stuffs, second hand stuffs and also the broken stuffs where people bought it for parts or else. Maybe some collectible stuffs?

Only 6 members of BG-PiXeL were joining including me. The others are busy and could not attend the outing. Nevermind, we still have another outing in future.

At Loken, I found a lots of interesting things to be shoot. Some of them are:

Classic Bottle

The Veteran Seller

This one is quite interesting for me... Maybe some people like this shot, maybe some are not

This doll reminds me the film "Childs Play"

and.... Whoaa!!! That.... that's is the Helios Super Tele-Auto 300mm f/4.5 with the Zenit 122

That's all? Just check out my facebook to view more... Will upload later on my Facebook Page. Stay tuned!


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AIMA: betul2 jalan yg menghadap Chan Sam Lock (kdai gambar)... tiap2 Ahad je ade...