Friday, March 4, 2011

Wedding with My Teacher and Friends....

Salam. Long time no updates. I'm quite busy this week.. Doing a revision for all subjects.. Well, next week is an examination week.! What?? LOL.

Last Sunday, I'm following my teacher (Cikgu Rizal) and my friends (Jan) to a wedding ceremony at Kg.Gajah. Hmm. I'm just following because I'm bored to stayed at home that day (even I didn't rest enough due to Merentas Desa on Saturday)..

As usual... Here we are some lovely shots that I've taken.

We're not joining the outdoor photoshooting session due to my friend Jan have to get home before 4.30 p.m. (has work duty that day).. So that's all for this entry... Nice isn't it? Want me shots for your wedding? Of course can.... Just call me at 0125674511 for reservation or deal. Package can be arranged base on your budget. Starting from RM500 (shoot and burn).

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