Monday, August 8, 2011

Ramadhan Photo of the Day: Day 8 - Photo Experimental

Assalamualaikum and good evening to all Mirul Photography blog readers. Yesterday there are no topics to be updated so I decide to not to post a new post..

After tired going back home from school, I'll try to experiment a photo of 'frustration' on my bathroom... It's hard to shoot but I finally made it!

During this experiment, I already 'basah kuyup' because have to act a lots of times to get the perfect picture.. But the below one also isn't too perfect isn't it? But, wait a minute.... Does my camera get wet? Yes. I'm using Dynax 7D along together with the kitlens for this experiment due to 7D is waterproof. If you're trying to do this with your non-waterproof camera, you're better use a plastic bag to cover your camera! So the readings are 1/30sec, ISO800, f/3.5(wide open).

That's all I think... Thanks for viewing. Stay tuned for more updates! Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims. :)

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