Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Journal - Day 4 | New Prime for me!

Salam. Sorry for late updates about my journal at KL.. I'm currently just back to Ipoh. Fuh, very tired. So, this entry I want to tell where I was going on day 4 when I'm in KL.

OK. My family and I went to Selayang Mall to take a walk there. I'm not shopping through but I just bought a shoes... Only 49.90. Discounted price. Very nice. Will updated later haha.

Later we have a lunch at JM Bariani House on the ground floor of Selayang Mall (outside).. I know it is expensive.. But, sometimes don't be a stingy when you are traveling! Just eat what you want!

Here it is..

...and what we're ordered is...

Bandung with Ice Cream Soda (RM3.50 each, very affordable)

Lamb Bariani (RM14.00 per plate..)

Really enjoyed it.... Furthermore, it is rainy during we're lunch..

My cousin is enjoying her Bandung with Ice Cream Soda...mmm.. tasty!

Where to I'm going next? Let's go to Pudu Plaza...! Studio Zaloon hehe (sorry forgot to take picture inside the shop)

Total lost here..
50mm f/1.8 - RM530
Nikon to Alpha hotshoe adapter - RM40
Lenspen - RM25

Total - RM595??? Only??? I thought the 50mm f/1.8 were RM599... Haha. I actually already know that Zaloon sell cheapers then other Sony Shop.. Thank you Uncle Chin for the discount and some gift! Really appreciate it..!

Uncle Chin! ^_^

and here's the lens..

Orange box.. hehehe

After walked out from Studio Zaloon, I found something very interested in front of the shop...

EXIF : 1/2sec, f/7.1, ISO400... Mounted on Small Gorillapod at the pole..

On the way home, I'll test my new 50mm inside the car.. I really love the colors and bokeh.. and like this shots a lots!

What can you explain about this pictures?

Before went home, we having our dinner first.. At Rawang. A Malay restaurant called Sup 88. We ate "kueyteow kerang" and satay... I like the kueyteow... Nyum2

Both pictures taken using newly bought 50mm f/1.8 haha.. Unedited photos.. and a candid is must for me!

I think that's all for this post. Stay tuned for the last day of journal. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy!


Wada Harun said...

cntek2nya gambarr :D

adrenalina said...

gambar yg cuba explain gambar itu paling menarik!!! suka gambar yg ada drama hehehe nice pictures

Mirul said...

Siti - thx.. :)

adrenalina - ada penceritaan pd gambar tu hehe~

yangyuyu said...

icecream soda dgn bandung juga dipanggil happy soda atau soda gembira is my faveret:)

Halia Kentang @ Annpaan said...

nice pic bro

afzan said...

50mm, f1.8 = bokeh sampai pitam!

Mirul said...

yangyuyu - oooo.. happy soda eh...

Annpaan - tq.. :)

afzan - meletops2... boleh masuk ICU.. hahaa