Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today's Special : Portrait of Independence

Salam. Yesterday my school celebrating 53rd Independence Day of Malaysia.. Here are some portraits I've snapped...

Happy Merdeka to all readers and viewers.. Stay tuned for more updates!

Thanks for watching :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Overhaul Time!

Salam. Sorry for disappearing for a day. My internet got problem due to lightning yesterday.

It's been a long time planning to upgrading my computer. So, yesterday I decide to buy a new processor to replace my old AMD Athlon X2 4000+.. Hmm.. Quite old and I have to disassemble all the pc parts to clean the dust. Eeeww...

As you can see, the left side is the new processor (AMD Athlon2 X2 245) and the right side is 2GB Apacer DDR2 800MHz RAM that arrived at my home via postage few days ago. It's just a second hand RAM that I bought it from someone selling it for cheap at Lowyat.net.

So, it tooks around 2 hours to finished all the works.. Put the processor, attach the ram, screw, cables and etc and poof!! My internet down!.... Huhu. The lightning at Pusing/Batu Gajah is quite strong (eh.. strong? ke powerful? whateverlah!)

Hehe. That's is.... My pc after upgrade. The heatsink fan is quite small compare to the old one due to new technology of processor (45nm).

The good news is, my old x2 4000+ just sold today to a nice guys from Lowyat.net. I think that's all for today. Psst, is this the longest post ever that I've type???

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Nightlife at Ipoh

Salam. I just came back from Ipoh. My father and I take a walk at Gerbang Malam to find some stuffs there (my father bought a belt and wallet.. but I didn't bought anything!). It has been my habit to bring my camera to everywhere, anywhere, anyplace that I goes. So, today I've shoot some nightlife photos at Gerbang Malam.

Traffic jammed.... =.=

Woohoo.... Quite crowded. People goes here to buy shoes, watches and accessories maybe for Hari Raya. Only in the months of Ramadhan you will see as crowd as this..
After tired walking, our stomach started to feel hungry. Therefore, we're going to Sri Kedah Satay at Padang Kanak-Kanak to eat some.

Two thumbs up. Very recommended, the satay very delicious even you didn't eat it with 'kuah kacang'.

Haha.. I'm tired already. Need to go to sleep. I think that's all for this morning. Thanks and enjoy reading!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Countdown to 53rd Merdeka....

Salam. Today is 25th of August and we still have 6 days left countdown to 53rd Merdeka of Malaysia. Hmm. What preparation have you done for Merdeka Day? Maybe buy some flags for home decoration? Or put it on your car? Whatever.

I'm boring today... Haish. Always sick. What's going on with me?? I think that's all for today. Thanks for watching. Enjoy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Hey It's Sunday...

Salam. 2 days no updates due to busy and tired. Er, yesterday reports. Haha.

Yesterday my family and I went to Tesco Station 18 to bought some fishes, vegetables, fruits and some other things like soap and spices.

Okay, yesterday is really a boring day. 3 hours at Tesco in the months of Ramadhan. Isn't it insane????? Off course I'm tired lah waiting my family shopping. But what to do, just wait for them. I got no where to go.

Before going home, we stop by at Pasar Ramadhan at Desa Aman to buy some foods for break fast. Here's some photos taken at the Pasar Ramadhan:

Er, sorry for bad composition of images. It was rainy that time and I didn't have a lots of time to snap due to my mom buying the 'juadah' so fast! I think that's all I want to tell you. Psst.. 1 more thing, I went home late. 30 minutes before break fast. Huhu. Hey cut it off! Okay. Hope you enjoy. Thanks.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Break Fast at Kampung

Long time no updates! Today my family and me break fast at kampung with my Atok & Opah. A lots of delicious dishes today. One of them are my favorites and can only get in the months of Ramadhan. Percik Chicken off course! Hehe

Percik Chickens... nyum2..

Sambal Pecal. Fuh! It makes me eat a lots during break fast!

Hehe. My 'Atok' waiting for break fast time with some dishes on the table.

Eat a lots of things today make me tired... (psst.. after this sure my weight increasing.. haish.. how do I diet like this.. T_T ). I think that's all for today. Thanks and have fun visiting my blogs.

Status: I'm very happy today :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo of the Day : The Boring Cat

A lonely cat in bad mood.. Maybe boring. Hmm.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's Special by My Mum

Hehe. I'm back. Today my mum cooked my favorites dishes for break fast. Love it so much..

Fried Chicken

Chicken Eggs Curry

Surprise2... I ate 2 plate of rice today! Haha! That's all for today.

Good night!

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Agfa Film Color Experimental

Salam. Time gone so fast. Today is already 7th Ramadhan which means we have been fasting for a week! It was a boring and tired day today and also unhappy day for me because I can't go to school due to strange cramp on my left legs. So, I decide to do some photo color experimental. Hehe. Have a look ya.

A very effective preset. Edited using Photoscape only. I love it very much with the color of this film. It has a lots of bluish color. The Agfa Film is very recommended to who are using a Lomo camera as their film.

That's all. Maybe tonight I will update some more. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Rainy Day....

Today, the 5th days of Ramadhan... A very good day for sleeping today.. Feel very cold due to rainy... from morning until now..

Haishh... to tired to write today... Tomorrow school and I was start thinking "Why so late the school holidays??".. I want to rest lah!

I think, that's all for today..... Thanks for viewing.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo of the Day : The Bicycle

Shoot with A230 + Sigma 70-210mm @ f/10, 1/160, 210mm

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Milky Apple Juice

Milky Apple Juice by my mom... hehe~

Nyum2... Love it sooo much. Recommended juice for break fast.

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : The First Day of Puasa

Hehe... Yesterday photos (late upload). Yesterday break fast dishes by my mom :)

Report for today:
Quite energetic... Even doing a lots of activities before break fast. Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lomo Jelly Lens for Digicam and Mobile Phone Camera

Last stock of Jelly Lens for Sale!

Available Lens:
1. Vignette
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Aftermath: Co-Curriculum Day

After the Co-Curriculum Day, my friends and me goes to Marrybrown for a lunch. It was a class gathering before Ramadan. So, this is my classmate... All crazylike people.. including me also. After that, we're all going to playground at Changkat to "lepak2"..

I think that's all for today... It was enjoyable.. I would like to say thanks to all my friends... Cheers :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Photo of the Day : Photographer in Silhouette

Shoot with A230 + kitlens 18-55mm at 1/2000, f/4.5, ISO200

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Co-Curriculum Day

Yesterday, my school SMK Sultan Yussuf is having a Co-Curriculum Day as a school days replacement for Deepavali holiday. For sure, it was enjoyable and fun. It also can be refer as "Hari Koperasi" or "Hari Kantin" where theres a lots of stall selling foods and drinks. Here's some photos to be shown to all readers:

It was officiated by Kapten Dr. Haji Ahmad Damanhuri

Students crowd on every stalls

I like this sooo much... Colorful

"Roti Jala" by Paeh... the best.. Tip-top

Sellers reaction promoting their products

..and some singing competition...

I think that's all for today. Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photo of the Day : Smoke

Shot using Sony a230 with Helio 58mm f/2 @ ISO100

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo of the Day : Teh Tarik

Nyum2... Only available at mamak stall haha!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photo of the Day : It's Play Time!

Shoot using Helios 58mm f/2 lens @ f/2, 1/320, ISO100, Spot Metering

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo of the Day : Kongsi Gelap

Shot using wireless flash VIvitar DF-400MZ @ ISO100 1/100