Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun Time at KFC with classmates...

Salam. Last tuesday, my classmates and me went to KFC Batu Gajah for ? (no reasons... haha)

for lunch. We walked out from school at 2PM (an hour after school finished)...

My journey begins.....

....with all my classmates...

...we than later went to KFC around 2.15pm.

What's wrong Chot? Are you hungry??

I chose a Shrimp Combo Set (forgot already the name) for my lunch. Hmm. It's delicious... and cheap. Only RM11.10+- including tax. Okay. Here's some photo's of the aftermath.. Haha.

Wait... Where's Chot?...

...TADA!! Haahahah...

We then later goes to to play a video game.. Counter-Strike and Need for Speed Most Wanted... I love both games... It's been a long time I've not playing that game.. (sad story)

Wawa with her AWP Sniper's... jeng3

..and lastly, Dzulhilmi and me defeated them in a 4vs2 LAN battle.. (2 is Dzul and me) Haha. That's all for today. I'm really enjoy that day and I would like to thanks to all my classmates..

Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photo of the Day : The Parking Attendent

Shoot at Ipoh, Perak with A230 + Sigma 70-210mm

Skintone edited using Photoshop

What??? 2nd BE by Nuffnang? WOW!


Whoa... I was shocking during checking my nuffnang today... Another buffered earnings? This is awesome!!

Thanks again nuffnang!

Monday, September 27, 2010

1st Buffered Earnings... by Nuffnang

Alhamdulillah... I'm finally got my first buffered earnings on my blog! YEAAHOO!!

Thanks nuffnang!!

Hari Raya Outing with Joshua & Ikhwan

Salam. Long times no updates. Aha! During the last holiday of Hari Raya, I have a photoshooting season with my friends Joshua & Ikhwan at Taman Changkat, Batu Gajah. That day was a terrible day because the whether is rainy heavily... But, that's not a problem to continue my job.

It was a very tired day because after finish the photoshooting sessions, I've to rush to go raya to my friend house.. Huhu...

That's all I think for this post... Will updates some more today. Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Events : Hari Raya Lunch at my school....

Salam... Yesterday is my budget day of the year. Why? Because we all get free lunch after recess time.. Around 11.30pm. It was a lunch for Hari Raya Celebration this year. Hehe. But the bad is.... I don't have a mood to eat a lots.. Huu...

Here are some photos taken during the events.. Very hot day.. Huh..

My junior assistant, Qayyum.. Owns a330 with 2 lens (18-55mm and 50mm f1.8)

Foreign students from Germany, Ute Steinke..

I think that's all for today.. Thanks for watching.. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya Stories : What an amazing Hari Raya this year... ! (Part Two)

Salam... Today I want to continue the story of Hari Raya! Hahaha...

Last Thursday (Malaysia Day), I used to invite my friends to my Hari Raya open house...

Whoo! This is amazing! A lots of my friends respond for my RSVP! I would like to thanks to all my friends that coming to my open house including Dzul, Hazman, Miela, Hadi, Razzin, Ariff, Putera, Mira, Rizwan, Shazwanul and other.. I'm so happy that day. After all my friends going home, I feel so tired and take a nap for a while.

Yesterday, my friends and me went to our former History teacher Cikgu Ila house..

Later after Zohor, we went to Dzul open house & Azwa open house... huhu.. Going home on 4.30pm.... After arrived home, I take a bath and a nap (30 minutes only.. hish)

That's all for today.. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya Stories : What an amazing Hari Raya this year... ! (Part One)

Salam... Long times no updates.. Sure a lots of people asking where did I go right? Heheh...

I'm still in Raya mood until today. Visit friends, teachers and family open houses.. A lots of invitation by my friends to their open houses... Nah.. It makes my head spinning to think which one to go first...

Er where's the photos? Refer below.. Hahahaa...

Convoy to Pn.Aenizawati house... Hehe

Passport photos? hahaha....

'Terjah' to family houses.. hehe

This is part one... Stay tuned for part two... Heh... I'm tired lah... Need to have a rest! Monday have to fight back to school!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Journal of the Day : Happy Day

Salam. Long time no updates... Haha. Just came back from Ipoh buying new phone (second hand, but new to me) from someone that sell at It's cheap and maybe limited edition phone too... Quite difficult to find this phone...

Yeeehaa! Nokia 7500 Prism Limited Edition! So hard to find this phone.. Finally.. Huh.. The price? Heh... RM150 only.. I'm not 'kaya2' people lah buying expensive phone... No used for me.. I only want to make a call, sms, and listen MP3.. That's more than enough for me..


Later, my father and me goes to mamak stall at Ipoh called Restoran Majeedia.. If you were stayed in Ipoh, I recommended you goes to this mamak stall if you want to eat fried maggi. Very delicious.. Nyum2... I'm their regular customer.. hehe

By the way, I've snap some photos of their 'tauke' called Haji and his workers... here we are..

I think that's all for today... I'm happy with what I'm buying today... Hehe.. Enjoy reading.. Thanks and goodnight!

p/s: Mirul will start blogwalking back to your blog by tomorrow.. Hehe.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raya Photos of the Day : Day One.. at Kampung

Salam. Sorry for late update because I'm not feeling well.. Huhu.. again.

Celebrating Hari Raya this year was full of relaxing. This is because my family has made some early preparation. Er, I've no idea what to write today... Here's some photos taken during the first day of Hari Raya..

Next photographer in my family in future? maybe?

Stay tuned for more updates.. Enjoy watching.. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preparation Checklist : Shoes...

Salam.... Today I want to tell about my preparation for Hari Raya....

My checklist:

1. Clothes - done.. I've bought a shirt, t-shirt and a bundle jeans (it's my favorite.. I never like to bought jeans at supermarket)

2. Cleaning the room - Just now I'm finished cleaning my room! Quite dusty.. Hish..

3. Shoes - It's time to change... from crocs to something new.. that I've never use before... hehe


Just bought it 2 days ago... Nah.. not too expensive... Only RM89.90.. =.="

That's all for today.. I want to rest.. Tomorrow Hari Raya.. hehe...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all bloggers and friends!

Thanks for viewing. Enjoy!

p/s: I would like to say thanks to Gee for the 'kad raya' :D

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Preparation for Hari Raya...

Salam.. Huhu.. I'm quite busy yesterday.. No time to updates my blog.

So, as the television have announced that on Friday we all Muslims celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri... Hehe.. Ergh.. Talk about preparation, I still not cleaning my room! My room is more likes 'tongkang pecah' already.. Hahaha...

My mom have prepared a lots of biscuits for this Hari Raya... Some of them are... Blueberry Tart, Pineapple Tart, Cornflakes Honey with Cherry, Choco Hazel Ball.... but..... I only have a pictures of Cornflakes biscuits... The rest biscuits I already snapped the pictures but accidently format my memory card... arghhhh..... (grr... wasting my shutter count again..)

Yeah.. That's the bad news.. Haha..

The good news is all my cousins already have at Kampung! I was so excited to meet them! So, after break fast.. My father and me goes to Kampung.... and.. here we are...

Trisya.. very naughty cousin.... hahaha

This is Farhanah.. my cousin too... She's 15 years old (a year old younger than me).. PMR 2010 Candidates. Hmm... Good luck sis..! All the best.. :)

Seems at Kampung also didn't prepare a lot fot this Hari Raya... Maybe tomorrow they prepare for it. Around 11PM, my father and me went home and stop by at Al-Malik Maju (Mamak Stall) to buy some 'tapau'... Hungrylah!

That's all the talked about Raya preparation (I think I've talk nonsense a lots... more than 50% of this post is not about preparation hahahahah).. Thanks for watching.. Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin

Salam.. Mirul want to wishes to all bloggers, friends, and all Muslims.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Drive safely.. Follow the rules. "Biar lambat, asalkan selamat"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Day 28...

Salam... today is 28th Ramadhan which means there are 2 days left to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Hm. I still not create my Hari Raya Card to all my blogs and facebook friends. Maybe tomorrow..

Okay. Today I'm quite energetic.. (didn't know why... even I go out..)
...and a lots of works have to be done.. Especially sending out my computer casing fan to the buyer from

Nothing more to say... Stay tuned for updates. Thanks.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ramadhan Outing with Eimiza & Ikhwan

Yeehaa!! I'm back.. Today I'm too bored to stay in the house.. So I decide to shoot some photos outside from Bandar Sri Pengkalan. Hahaha..

Eimiza, Ikhwan and me going to Papan to have a photoshoot session.. Hehe..

Ghotic theme shootout...

This is Ikhwan.. I think he got a talent to be a model... Very photogenic... Every angle makes he looks perfect!

I'm very enjoyed today for the photoshoot activity... I would like to thanks to Eimiza for inviting me for the shooting and Ikhwan too because willing to follow us as our model today..

That's all for today.. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy the photos!