Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My story, my journey as a photographer... (Part Three, Last Part!)

I owned 2 lenses when first time using A230 DSLR. The Kitlens (18-55mm) and the Silver Zoom Lens (28-80mm). Bought all of this a months before wedding jobs started. By the way, I actually works with my uncle in weddings job.

Kitlens ~ 18-55mm

Zoom Lens ~ 28-80mm

Just a weeks before my first wedding job using this DSLR (Siti & Umar weddings), I bought Minolta 3500xi Flash for a better light source indoor shooting. Later I was attend the photography class by BeLaLanG Creative Photography Group at Clearwater Sanctuary Resort for 2 days. I've learned a lot to settings manually on cameras after attending the class. Before this, I only using Program Auto settings.

And nowadays, I only using Manual settings all the time. Also with the manual lens 28-200mm and 58mm f/2. That's all my journey! Thanks for viewing!

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atahsaat said...

best la bro cite lu..
so far aku dslr pun blom ad. doakan ak.
hehehehee :))

btw, ak da add link ko ke blog ak. cheers~