Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yesterday.... My boooooriiingg day of the year...

Yeah... What a boring day yesterday... 3 days holidays like 3 hours only... Time gone so fast. In morning, I goes to school. My dad send me. On the way, my uncle call me tell that my grandfather can't wake up from the bed. I rush into my class and told my friends that I have to go home.

My cats before I leave my home - looks boring haha

Around 8.30pm, I arrived at my village. Have a breakfast first and later my dad and my uncle send my grandfather to hospital for check up. Alhamdulillah, my grandfather is fine now but can't walk fast due to broken bones.

Ah, so boring.. Have to skip school.. haizz... Today also boring, no study. Tomorrow? Happy? Sad? or Booorrinngg again? haha.. off course not!

I take a few snap today at my village yesterday:

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