Friday, April 2, 2010

Tips of the Day: How to change DSLR lens quickly?

In an event it is impossible to take the picture with the only lens. Sometimes we have to change it. For example, the wedding ceremony photo shoot session which some photographer like to take candid pictures of the people. It is imposible to take a candid pictures with short zoom lens or kitlens like 18-55mm, 28-80mm and 16-80mm. Except when you have the wide telephoto lens like: eg. 18-250mm, 28-200mm, and 28-300mm. To change the lens, you will need to follow this 4 simple steps:

1) Hold your camera in your left hand as shown in the upper left part of the top photo. Approach the lens as shown with your right hand open and the right forefinger extended a little.

2) As seen in upper right, when you close your hand around the lens, depress the lens release button with the left side of your right forefinger.

3) Moving onto lower left, rotate the lens clockwise (for Nikon, reverse for Canon & Sony) and let the forefinger slide along the still-depressed release button.

4) Finally, as seen at lower right, the lens slides smoothly off of the camera and leaves with your right hand.

Hope this helps! Thanks for viewing!

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