Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Break Fast at Kampung

Long time no updates! Today my family and me break fast at kampung with my Atok & Opah. A lots of delicious dishes today. One of them are my favorites and can only get in the months of Ramadhan. Percik Chicken off course! Hehe

Percik Chickens... nyum2..

Sambal Pecal. Fuh! It makes me eat a lots during break fast!

Hehe. My 'Atok' waiting for break fast time with some dishes on the table.

Eat a lots of things today make me tired... (psst.. after this sure my weight increasing.. haish.. how do I diet like this.. T_T ). I think that's all for today. Thanks and have fun visiting my blogs.

Status: I'm very happy today :)

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