Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : Nightlife at Ipoh

Salam. I just came back from Ipoh. My father and I take a walk at Gerbang Malam to find some stuffs there (my father bought a belt and wallet.. but I didn't bought anything!). It has been my habit to bring my camera to everywhere, anywhere, anyplace that I goes. So, today I've shoot some nightlife photos at Gerbang Malam.

Traffic jammed.... =.=

Woohoo.... Quite crowded. People goes here to buy shoes, watches and accessories maybe for Hari Raya. Only in the months of Ramadhan you will see as crowd as this..
After tired walking, our stomach started to feel hungry. Therefore, we're going to Sri Kedah Satay at Padang Kanak-Kanak to eat some.

Two thumbs up. Very recommended, the satay very delicious even you didn't eat it with 'kuah kacang'.

Haha.. I'm tired already. Need to go to sleep. I think that's all for this morning. Thanks and enjoy reading!


KataRi85 said...

nice urban captured my fren.. kudos to u...

cik Nemo said...


Mirul said...

@cik Nemo: haha... boleh. rujuk gambar.. ahak3~

@katari: thx.. ;)

Fontonk said...

nak kasut bundle tuh. oh !