Sunday, December 5, 2010

Journal - Day 3 | KL Shootout!

Salam. Today we went to KL for some shoppings... This is where it starts..

We went around 12.30 pm, so were decide to have a lunch first.

What we have here is Nasi Ayam Singapura (I forgot where it located). Very delicious. Recommended.. Even the price is affordable..

Later then, we went to Sogo... After tired waiting for my mom shopping, my father and I decide to go have a walk at Pertama Complex, Maju Junction and the shops around it. But wait.... Have a drink first! I'm thristy!

Psst, I'm actually looking for camera shops that selling 50's 1.8 for my Sony.. So hard to find, the uncle at Pertama Complex poisoned me with 50's 1.4.. Arghh... Nevermind, no budget.

Later after I came back to Sogo, I saw a street artist and decide to shoot some photo of him... This is an interesting candid.. Huhu.

It's already 5pm.. So, we going to Semua House food court's to fill up our stomach with some foods... What did I eats? Want to know?

Here it is.....

So many... Which one??? =.="

This one!

Yes. Chicken Chop. Only RM7.50

Later we walked out at the street besides the Semua House (Jalan TAR if not mistake)... and I saw this guys selling shawls and kebaya.... Woah.. Nobody doing like this at Ipoh... Even there is promotions.. really happeninglah in KL!

Funny isn't it? But that's the way they selling products like shawls and many more!

Fuh, very tired today... and not in good mood... Because still didn't get what I want! That's all. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy the post!

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