Monday, September 13, 2010

Journal of the Day : Happy Day

Salam. Long time no updates... Haha. Just came back from Ipoh buying new phone (second hand, but new to me) from someone that sell at It's cheap and maybe limited edition phone too... Quite difficult to find this phone...

Yeeehaa! Nokia 7500 Prism Limited Edition! So hard to find this phone.. Finally.. Huh.. The price? Heh... RM150 only.. I'm not 'kaya2' people lah buying expensive phone... No used for me.. I only want to make a call, sms, and listen MP3.. That's more than enough for me..


Later, my father and me goes to mamak stall at Ipoh called Restoran Majeedia.. If you were stayed in Ipoh, I recommended you goes to this mamak stall if you want to eat fried maggi. Very delicious.. Nyum2... I'm their regular customer.. hehe

By the way, I've snap some photos of their 'tauke' called Haji and his workers... here we are..

I think that's all for today... I'm happy with what I'm buying today... Hehe.. Enjoy reading.. Thanks and goodnight!

p/s: Mirul will start blogwalking back to your blog by tomorrow.. Hehe.

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