Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadhan Photos of the Day : What a busy day......

Salam. Two days no updates. I'm quite busy this week. Especially today. Our school magazines client want to come collects our work for printing! What the???? Haizz... It makes my friends and me have to do it as soon as possible! "Kelam kabut" already.. HAHA..

my friends (Paeh & Muin) is discussing with the client about the magazine

It tooks about 2 hours to settle and I've to sacrifice my time by skipping the Mathematics and Bahasa Malaysia time period. After school, I'm goes to Maybank to transfer the money to buy some stuffs online. Arrived at home by 2pm, I take a shower and rest. I'm fall asleep until 6pm! Oh crap... HAHA

I'm not going tarawih today because want to rest.

Around 9.30pm, my father and I went to Mee Rebus Ramli Pengkalan to eat. Stomach hungry la... We both order "mee rebus".. It's delicious you know.. For who living around Batu Gajah to Ipoh, they should try this.. Nyum2..

I think that's all for today. Haha. Happy blogwalking here. Enjoy reading.

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