Monday, September 6, 2010

Ramadhan Outing with Eimiza & Ikhwan

Yeehaa!! I'm back.. Today I'm too bored to stay in the house.. So I decide to shoot some photos outside from Bandar Sri Pengkalan. Hahaha..

Eimiza, Ikhwan and me going to Papan to have a photoshoot session.. Hehe..

Ghotic theme shootout...

This is Ikhwan.. I think he got a talent to be a model... Very photogenic... Every angle makes he looks perfect!

I'm very enjoyed today for the photoshoot activity... I would like to thanks to Eimiza for inviting me for the shooting and Ikhwan too because willing to follow us as our model today..

That's all for today.. Thanks for viewing. Enjoy the photos!


dak kecik a.k.a iza said...

i like thats person..haha(^^,)
Very Nice photo.
hikhik..keep it up ya..

Ja a B r a i n s t o r m said...

salam mirul..
sebenarnya saya nak cari kawan2 utk join photoshoot sekali. cuma nak bergaul dengan orang sebab dah lama shoot sesorang.

anyway, kalau ada photoshoot, boleh tolong gitau? on fb, phone or whatever way you prefer.

Mirul said...

dak kecik... thx yaa :D

ja a .. salam... boleh saja... no problem punya.. tinggalkan msg anda dkt no fon saya.. :D

Ikhwan said...

Haha. Thanks Mirul! You are the best photographer and bestfriend. woots!